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Advanced Trial Skills In Georgia Cycle Crash Litigation

Few motor vehicle injury situations test the skills of a personal injury lawyer like a motorcycle accident. The injured person has usually been very badly hurt, so there’s a lot at stake in terms of medical expenses, lost wages, property losses, and pain and suffering. Meanwhile, the defendant will usually argue that the accident was at least partially the victim’s fault. The defense will also try to pick a jury that doesn’t think highly of bikers.

Contact a personal injury lawyer who knows how to overcome the disadvantages that a motorcycle accident victim can face when pursuing the right to fair compensation. Call Wells and McElwee P.C. in Athens for highly personalized client service and skilled representation.

We Use Our Trial Skills As Leverage In Settlement Negotiations

Our clients benefit from our firm’s focus on complex personal injury litigation and our experience in court. We know how to meet and overcome the defense of comparative negligence that you’ll probably face at trial. We also know how to select a jury that will pay close attention to the evidence.

These strengths of our practice are no secret, and the insurance adjusters know what it’s like to tangle with us in court. Our reputation for success at trial goes to the negotiating table with you and helps our clients achieve fair settlements. Few insurers will gamble on an expensive trial defense against a plaintiff’s attorney with a demonstrated ability to prove liability and damages in a close case.

Attention to detail in documenting motorcycle accident damages can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. We have the ability to show in clear and specific terms what a head injury or back injury will mean in terms of your future medical expenses and income loss, which helps you maximize the value of your claim.

Ask An Athens Personal Injury Lawyer

Our lawyers help motorcycle accident victims with their legal claims, their access to medical treatment, and any practical problems that come up while recovering from serious injuries. To learn more about our ability to help you in the aftermath of a serious bike wreck, contact us online, call us at 706-510-2815, or fill out our short form for a free consultation with a Georgia personal injury attorney.

We take motorcycle injury claims on a contingent fee basis. This means that unless we recover a settlement or verdict for you, we will not charge a fee. We collect no attorney fees unless we recover a settlement or verdict for you.