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3 Steps to Take After a Drunk Driving Accident in Georgia

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Uncategorized

Being injured in a car accident is a frightening and stressful experience. When the other driver is under the influence of alcohol, the situation becomes even more complex.

If you’ve been hurt in a collision caused by a drunk driver, there are three crucial steps to take to protect yourself and to help ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Prioritize safety and seek medical attention

The first and most important step is to try to ensure the safety of yourself and others involved. Therefore, you should call 911 immediately to request medical assistance and report the accident. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location away from traffic.

Remember, even if your injuries initially seem minor, you should seek medical attention immediately. Adrenaline can mask pain; some injuries, like whiplash, may not manifest immediately. A doctor can thoroughly evaluate your condition, document any injuries and begin a treatment plan. Don’t forget to keep all medical records and receipts related to the accident, as they may serve as essential evidence later.

Gather evidence at the scene (if possible)

While waiting for help to arrive, if you are able, try to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene. This can be crucial in building your case. You can use your phone to photograph the damage to all vehicles involved, the surrounding area and any visible injuries you may have sustained. You should also get the other driver’s name, contact details and insurance information.

If anyone witnessed the accident, politely ask for their contact information. Their statements can be invaluable in supporting your claim. More importantly, inform the responding police officer of your suspicion that the other driver was intoxicated.

Focus on recovery

Being injured in a car accident is a physically and emotionally draining experience. Following your doctor’s orders and focusing on your recovery is paramount. This may include physical therapy, medication and time off work.

During your recovery, remember to maintain a log of your medical appointments, treatments, medications and any pain or limitations you experience. It would help if you also considered reaching out to friends, family or a therapist for emotional support after a traumatic event.

Getting through the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be overwhelming. Following these steps can help to ensure your safety, protect your rights and allow you to focus on healing. Remember, you are not alone; you can involve a reliable legal team to help you through this challenging time.